My Return To Writing

After a year and a half away from writing, I AM BACK!

On January 19th, I clocked out from my last night shift at the hospital, where I’d spent my previous thirty-one years working on the Labor & Delivery/Antepartum units.

I’d published my last book in December 2018. I then started work on a new novel and three novellas until the pandemic made its way to Georgia, and my job as an RN became more vital than it had ever been. I worked long hours alongside my fellow nurses caring for regular pregnant patients and those with Covid. About three months into the shutdown of our country, I gave myself permission to lay aside my writing and concentrate on my work at the hospital and keeping myself healthy. My writing would have to wait until my retirement. I thank God that my body remained Covid-free during my last two years at my job. That was not the case for many of my coworkers. As I cared for Covid patients during that time, my family also stayed healthy and untouched by the virus.

My weekly contact with Covid is behind me, and I’m ready to move on in the safety of my home. I’m excited to create the stories that have been on pause for what seems to have been an eternity. I’m looking forward to an exciting 2022!

Ellen is a multi-disclipinary digital creator who works with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.



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