It sounds like great advice doesn’t it? Moving forward is much more comfortable if you use life experiences to guide your endeavors.

Learn from yesterday – not only your failures but your successes. Make the time to take account of the things you accomplished in 2017, but also look at the things that didn’t go well. Analyze why you didn’t succeed and what you can change for a different outcome. Or maybe this is something you should discount and choose other options to move your life forward.

Live for today – focus on activities that will enrich your life. It is easy to remain constant in your routine, especially if your life if flowing smoothly. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Hope for tomorrow – as you move through 2018, take some moments to anticipate new adventures for 2019 and begin laying the groundwork to reach those future goals. It’s okay to daydream of such things, but commit your thoughts to paper so you can periodically review and modify them if necessary.

So dear readers, aim high and make a splash in 2018.


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