As a writer, there are times when it’s hard to get the words from my head onto paper. To that end, I’m always on the lookout for ways to help accomplish this undertaking.

I have had success with the one-hour sprint. You take an hour of your time and write. Having one or several writers race along to see who has the highest word count when the buzzer sounds can be motivating. Even if I end the hour with the lowest word count, I’m still a winner. I have met my objective. My words are on the computer screen instead of running through my mind. Now I can move forward and grow my story.

Last year I decided to up the ante and ‘put myself out there.’ I entered Seekerville’s Speedbo competition. It is a 31-day self-challenge where the writer puts aside the inner critic and produces manuscript pages. No editing allowed. I met the personal goal I had set and proudly display my certificate of participation on my motivation board in my office. A few days ago I signed up for this year and set new goals.

Today is March 1st, and we’re off (cue gunshot sound effect)! I’ll check in at the end of the month and share my results. If anyone is interested in participating or wants more information, here’s the link:



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