Using My Emotions





Sometimes life is hard. Pressures mount, and obstacles have come my way causing me to want to shut down. On the flip side, there are times when contentment, even euphoria has claimed my day.


For a writer, the ability to recall our feelings in that moment is golden. Using our arsenal of emotions brings enrichment to one’s writing. It aids in giving the characters depth. Emotional triggers will pull the reader into the plot. To obtain a following of readers who enjoy our stories, we must make this a priority. Emotionless writing won’t sell books.

How can you store emotions from personal experience until you’re ready to integrate them into a story? Journaling is an excellent way to do this. Get in the habit of journaling, if not daily, perhaps after a challenging or happy experience. Your journal is now an easily accessible writing reference, helpful when attempting to ‘show don’t tell’ as you construct your scene. Recalling how you felt in a particular situation, the internal sensations and mental responses, can make your characters human and their reactions believable.

A writer’s work holds a part of himself. Don’t be afraid to share yourself and shine in the world of authors.


Feel free to comment on a method you use to fill your manuscript with emotion.

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