Taking a Look Back Before Moving Forward

For many years, I have known you can’t sit back and just expect things to happen. Success comes with a price. Sometimes the payment is given in time or effort and dedication as well as money.

The past year has been a time of growth for me in many areas of my writing career. My craft continued to improve by the things I learned at workshops. I met many new and established authors, and the confidence about my ability to talk about my books increased. This growth came about only because I made a concentrated effort to ‘put myself out there’ and to risk rejection. I was able to do this because I have a passion for improving my writing and a desire to achieve milestones as an author.

This year I attended one national and one local writers conference and volunteered at both. The time and money I invested were well worth it, and I’ve decided I’ll do whatever it takes to attend at least one conference every year. I experienced the joy of seeing my debut novel (To Dance One More Day) offered in paper book format. I felt like a proud mama when Taking A Chance On Love released this past October. I have learned a ton about promotion and plan to meet this enormous challenge head-on in 2016.

The last few weeks of the year always seem a bit chaotic. It has been wonderful spending time with family and friends, but I’m ready for the stroke of midnight. I’m ready for 2016 – to experience the unfolding of what I hope will be a fantastic year. I look forward to keeping you posted with my author news. Happy New Year!

My first book signing – Atlanta Marriott




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