My Baby Is Seven Months Old

To Dance One More Day- cover

Seven months ago my baby was born. Not literally, I’m sixty years old. On June 17, 2014 my debut novel, To Dance One More Day, was released by Astraea Press.

Being a new author, I was unschooled in the art of promotion. I’m sure I made only a minute blip on readers’ radar. The excitement of my accomplishment has dwindled away, but my determination to succeed has grown. I worked extremely hard to ‘birth’ my baby and have decided to press onward as I learn new ways to promote my book in the reader’s world, where new books are released every week.

I’ve set up a blog tour for my book which will probably occur in February. Seven months ago I didn’t have a clue about blog tours or other avenues of promotion. With the help and support of my fellow Astraea Press authors and my Georgia Romance Writers friends, I have learned a ton about promoting my work.

Yesterday I established my channel on youtube. I invite you to take a minute out of your day and view the book trailer that has been uploaded. If you’d share it with the social media of your choice, I’d be thrilled as I attempt to garner the attention of readers I missed the first time around.



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