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Amy Bledsoe’s Debut Novel – Tearing Down The Ivy



As Anna falls for her best friend, Griffin, his charming family lures her into the corrupt underworld of her beloved town, but while her affection for him grows, so does his list of secrets. Will Griffin’s love be enough to make Anna stay, and will hers give him a reason to leave his life behind?


Amy Bledsoe

Amy Bledsoe lives in Northeast Oklahoma with her husband, six kids, and two dogs. She enjoys her husband’s cooking, movies with the family, and a good cup of coffee. Tearing Down The Ivy is her debut romance, which will be followed by its sequel, Fight Of the Ivy. She also has a single title romantic suspense, Embracing The Rain, releasing this fall.

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David Reads


David W. Landrum has published short stories, novellas, and poetry. His pubications include the novellas The Last Minstrel, The Prophetess, Strange Brew, ShadowCity, Mother Hulda; and his full length novel, The Sorceress of the Northern Seas. He teaches English at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan.



Last Minstrel


The Goddess Morrigan has cast her evil magic over Brendálynn’s kingdom and taken her mother captive. As she goes into Morrigan’s realm to challenge her and free the woman who bore her, Brendálynn discovers that there is powerful magic in the music she has learned—more than she ever imagined.





The room had always seemed enchanted to me. Lutes, violins, citterns, tabors, pipes, and brass instruments hung on hooks. Reams of music written down in the sacred language only a few people came to know were piled in stacks on big, claw-footed tables. I sat on the stool reserved for students. Leonel sat in a plush chair with burgundy upholstery.

“Play your study for this week.”

I always felt humbled when I played the music he assigned me to learn. The piece I had worked on this week abounded in intricate, quick, tricky passages that required concentration, skill, and speed. I let myself enter into its paths of harmony so that I hardly even knew I was in my teacher’s house. When I finished, it was as if I returned from some other place. Leonel smiled.

“Excellent. You played the worth of that music.”

I said, “Thank you, sir,” but bit off the end of the phrase because something startled me. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen stood beside him. She was fair and tall with long hair and a flowing gown the color of leaves in spring. I stared. I had not seen her when I entered the house. If she came in later, I had not heard her come in.

“Brendálynn, this is Ardwinna.”

She looked like an aristocrat. Holding the lute in my right hand, I knelt on one knee.

“I am your servant, my Lady,” I said.

“I am pleased to meet you, Brendálynn. I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to respond to you.” A shock of understanding ran through me. This was not a woman named for Ardwinna. It was the goddess herself. “Can we go outside?” the goddess asked me. “I need to talk with you in private.”

I followed her into the wood behind Leonel’s house. She moved with such grace and beauty that when she turned, I knelt down and bowed my head. I simply had to worship her.

“You are a virtuous girl,” she said.

“No, my Lady. I am selfish and vain. I have been disrespectful to my father. I am not virtuous. I am unworthy to be in your presence.”

“Virtue makes you aware of your failings. Your father is hurt deeply. You are hurt by the loss of your mother, as he is. It is that I wish to remedy.”

I looked up at her. “Is Mother alive?”

“She is alive and a captive, like all the others in this land who have been taken by the darkness. It is the doing of Morrigan.”

A shudder ran through me when I heard this.

“She is evil and powerful, as you know,” Ardwinna said. “An enchantment once kept her wrongdoing from falling on this land, but something has happened that has left a gap in the spell protecting your people. I am sending you, Brendálynn, to close the gap.”


Living In Shadows by Jessica Freeburg


Vivian is able to see things other people can’t. Things like shadows that move without a maker and hover over people, feeding their depression and fueling their self-destruction. She also sees kind spirits, guiding and guarding their loved ones against the shadows.

When Vivian’s mother and brother die in an accident, the only option is to reunite with her estranged father at his new home in another state. Unfortunately, there are shadows in the house, and Vivian tries to avoid them during this time of heartache and anger. Her brother’s spirit warns about an especially strong shadow at the top of the stairs, one inhabiting the bedroom of a girl who disappeared fifteen months ago.

Once the spirit of the missing girl reaches out to Vivian, she learns the girl was murdered in that bedroom while staring into the eyes of a trusted person possessed by the shadows. The girl’s spirit is restless, her undiscovered body lies buried in a shallow grave, not far from Vivian’s home.

With her brother’s assistance, Vivian searches for answers in hope the girl’s spirit can move on. But the shadows are intent on protecting the killer’s identity. They stalk Vivian. Her life depends on releasing her own pain and anger, because the shadows won’t stop until she stops searching…or until death finds her too.


Vivian’s feet planted on the second step from the landing, causing her father to stop abruptly to avoid crashing into her back.

Rebecca was still walking toward the room. “I’ve always thought this pink room would be perfect for a girl.”

“Stay away from the door, Vivian. This shadow is evil. You can’t let it know you can see it!” Thane disappeared before the dark spirit could see him speaking to Vivian.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Vivian pretended not to know as she turned toward her father.

“It’s just at the end of the hallway,” he replied pointing away from the room where Rebecca was standing in the open doorway. She’d already flipped the light on. Pale pink wallpaper dotted with tiny white and fuchsia flowers burst into view behind her.

A shadowy figure darted across the dimly lit room like a large, black dog rushing to examine an unfamiliar house guest, pausing just inches from Rebecca. It was at least a foot taller than her, even as it stood in front of her hunched over awkwardly, partially hidden from Vivian’s view by the bedroom wall flanking the doorway in which her stepmother stood. Its head cocked sharply to one side as it seethed like an angry cat.

Vivian wanted to scream for Rebecca to get out of that room. Instead, she took a deep breath and said calmly, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to have a room closer to yours.”

Rebecca and her father exchanged looks. Vivian held her breath, while the vaporous shadow figure reached a jagged, bone-thin finger toward Rebecca’s face and gently stroked her cheek, its bulk still partly obscured by the wall that separated the room from the hallway. Rebecca shifted her gaze to Vivian, unaware of the touch.

Most people never knew the spirits were present. They didn’t hear them, they didn’t feel them, and they didn’t see them like Vivian did. Sometimes Vivian wished she was one of those people. Life would be so much simpler.

“Of course.” Rebecca flipped the light off as she stepped out of the doorway. The vapor sucked itself sharply back into the shadows of the room. An unearthly shriek pierced Vivian’s ears as Rebecca pulled the door shut behind her.

“We just thought you might like a bit more privacy, but there’s a room right next to ours.” Rebecca smiled at James as she walked past the stairs where Vivian’s body had rooted itself.

Vivian closed her eyes against the high-pitched screeching, as if not seeing would somehow stop her hearing, as well.


Jessica Freeburg has always been inquisitive and loves the challenges of all that life, and the afterlife, has to offer. Her fascination with history and the paranormal fuels many of her creative works. She embraces the fringe and relishes in the examination of what others may take for granted. As the founder of Ghost Stories, Inc., Jessica has performed paranormal investigations at a variety of reportedly haunted locations. LIVING IN SHADOWS: BOOK ONE OF THE SHADOWS SERIES is her debut novel. Her second book, a middle grade nonfiction about the Holocaust will be released in the fall of 2016. She is a news correspondent for the wildly popular paranormal radio show DARKNESS RADIO. She also serves on the editorial staff of FATE Magazine and is the Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for the state of Minnesota. In addition to writing books, she enjoys working in screenwriting and documentary production. She lives in Lakeville, MN with her husband and three children.

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