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Amy Mullen’s Latest Clean Reads Release

Sometimes you must fight through the darkness to reach the dawn.




Isabel de Vere is all grown up and ready to marry. Once an out-going and vibrant young girl, Isabel cannot get over the kidnapping of her sister eight years ago. Prone to episodes of panic, she wishes for just one thing in a husband–a man strong enough to protect her.

Turstin has spent his life in Normandy in service to King Henry II. Now home in England, he is ready to take a wife. Though he finds Isabel to be suitable, love is the last thing on his mind. When he marries her he will get the one thing he cares about–Renoir Castle.

Turstin displays a distain for Isabel’s family that she does not understand, nor does he explain. Initially seeking a strong husband to protect her, Isabel now wants him to love her, just as she loves him. Will his life-long resentment of her family and his desire to claim Renoir Castle lead them astray or will they right the wrongs from the past?



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Icy fingers inched along her neck as a heavy weight pressed the breath from her lungs. She tried to scream, but no sound escaped her lips. As the darkness of the night mingled with the terror of her nightmare, Isabel thrashed about her bed, linens and furs tightening around her legs like iron bands, holding her in the inky abyss of her imagination.

Her arms flailed as she tried to shake off the dream, her mind blurring the line between dream and reality. The fingers pressed the slender column of her neck yet again, and she flailed harder as she tried to escape.

The paralyzing bonds of sleep finally broke, and her legs moved again. Bolting from her bed and dragging her bedding with her, she struggled to reach the window, her breaths now coming in jagged gasps. Her chest heaved as she shook off the darkness and tried to focus her eyes and mind.

It is not real, her mind screamed as she stumbled toward the open window. Pressing her hands upon the cold stone, she thrust her head out into the cool night air as she prayed for peace. Cool air flooded her lungs again and again until her breathing calmed and she no longer felt the walls pressing against her. The icy fingers from her dreams melted away as her eyes focused on the stars shining brightly in the night sky above her.

Isabel stood motionless as the episode finally passed and took deep, measured breaths. The episodes of breathlessness were not new, but the dream was. As the time to go home neared, the panic became more common. Her childhood was nearly over, and she would be required to marry soon. She wished to look forward to it, but instead, dreaded the thought of putting her life and her trust in someone she did not know.

The panic took her back in time to when she was but a girl—a time when the happy life she cherished turned into a twisted nightmare she could never quite get over. As her sister Gemma enjoyed a happy ending, Isabel’s problems had only just begun.


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Wendy May Andrews Shares New Release


A spying debutante, a duke, and a conspiracy. Can love be found despite their feud?

Miss Rosamund Smythe, the only daughter of a baron diplomat, is finding the Season to be a dead bore. After her stint at spying while in Vienna with her father, she wants a higher purpose in life than “just” being a wife.

His Grace, Alexander Milton, the Duke of Wrentham, wants a quiet life with a “proper” lady as his wife after the tumultuous childhood he had. His parents had fought viciously, lied often, and Alex secretly wonders if he was even his father’s son.

Rose and Alex grew up on neighboring estates and have been best friends since she was four years old but a family feud has torn their friendship apart.

At a Society event Rose overhears a plot to entrap Alex into a marriage of convenience. Her loyalty to their old friendship as well as her knowledge of the conspirator, Sir Jason Broderick, causes Rose to overcome her aversion to Wrentham in order to warn him of his danger. Alex’s complicated childhood has caused him to despise all forms of deception so Rose avoids telling him how she knows so much about Sir Broderick.

When Rose is abducted by Sir Broderick to prevent her interference, Alex must deal with his own conflicted feelings to help her rescue herself. Can they claim their happily ever after despite the turmoil?


Alex gazed at his old friend in admiration. If anyone had ever told him he would be standing in Burlington House surrounded by Elgin’s Marbles debating with Miss Rosamund Smythe about who might be conspiring to entrap him into marriage, he would never have believed such a claim. But here they were. And she looked mighty fetching as she gazed up at him expectantly. He had to make an effort to remember what she had said. Oh yes, something about ideas to investigate. He wondered absently what she could possibly know about investigations and clues and all that. But she was right. They needed to have a direction. The only trouble was he was drawing a blank about any possible ideas.

All he could do was shrug helplessly. “I am so sorry, Rose, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. To the best of my knowledge I have never had any dealings with Broderick. I developed an instant dislike of the man upon first making his acquaintance, but I cannot even tell you why, as we have barely conversed.”

The duke was clearly flabbergasted over this development and was even slightly ashamed to not have a ready solution. Rose must have realized this. She hastened to reassure him. “Never mind about that. We both agreed earlier that the best place for us to start is with Lady Anne. That will have to be my job, as you will just be walking straight into their plot if you try to do anything about it. Now, I really must be going, so we must hurry and establish another appointment to meet up to discuss any of our findings. In the meantime, you should speak to your solicitors or man of affairs or whatever you might have along those lines and see if they are aware of any issues Broderick might have with you. Those gentlemen might know more on the subject than you.”

“How did you get so smart about such things?”

Alex was intrigued by the blush that spread over her face at this unanswerable question. The only thing she could offer was “My father is a diplomat,” with as much dignity as possible.

Alex allowed the moment to pass and was rewarded by the look of relief on her face. He hurried to make an appointment as they saw her maid approaching. “Would it be remarked upon if you come here again tomorrow or the next day?”

“Probably not,” Rose answered. “My mother never rises before noon and is really only concerned with how I spend my evenings. But you had best give me at least one day to try to make the acquaintance of Lady Anne, so let us say the day after tomorrow. That gives me a day and a half to gather as much information as possible. I shall start with my friend Lady Elizabeth. She is a font of knowledge about the ton, as well as being friendly with Lady Anne.” While she was speaking she fumbled with her drawing supplies, finally tucking them under her arm. “Wish me luck,” she concluded as she once more faced the duke.

The duke watched a myriad of emotions chase themselves across his companion’s face. He was unable to identify most of them, but he thought she looked rather wistful as she offered him a brief curtsy before she hurried away without another word.

Alex stood in the same spot for several moments, watching her retreating figure, wondering if she would look back before exiting the building. He was unprepared for the profound disappointment that swept over him as she strode away with purpose, never once glancing back in his direction. Slowly bringing his focus back to the statue she had been sketching, the duke allowed the entire interlude to play itself out in his mind. Giving his head a shake to rid himself of the melancholy that had befallen him, he followed in her footsteps and strode from the hall.


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Wendy May Andrews has been reading whatever she could get her hands on since the age of five. She has been writing for almost as long but hasn’t been sharing those stories with anyone but her mother until recently. Wendy lives in Toronto with her own real-life hero. When not writing or reading, they love to travel wherever the mood takes them.


Fantasy Romance Release from Clean Reads


For centuries, the people have lived under the protection of their so-called Dark Lord. Now, with news of his death reaching the quiet village of Everdark, rumour whispers that his son, Lucias, is hunting for a mistress to beget him an heir.

Clara doesn’t put much stock in village gossip, until she finds herself forcibly taken to the Lord’s fortress. Escape is not easy. She has no way out and, against a man with magic, little chance of fighting back. But the Lords are still men and the death of Lucias’ father is proof that they die just the same. And yet, if Lucias dies heirless, his army will be free to terrorise the land.

Such is the goal of Lenora of Ne’ermore, an old enemy and ex-prisoner of the kingdom. She is sending a man to slaughter Lucias and, to ensure there’s no chance of an heir, his mistress must die as well.

Caught between regaining her freedom or losing it for the good of the kingdom, Clara struggles to decide her path before certain death breaches the gates.









Born and raised in New Zealand, Aldrea Alien lives on a small farm with her family, including a menagerie of animals, who are all convinced they’re just as human as the next person. Especially the cats.

Since discovering a love of writing at the age of twelve, she hasn’t found an ounce of peace from the characters plaguing her mind, all of them clamouring for her to tell their story first.

It’s a lot of people for one head.




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Jannette Spann Releases Second Book

Right Time For Love is Jannette’s second release with Clean Reads (formerly Astraea Press).

RightTimeForLove_453x680  Contemporary Romance

Brandy Wyne’s future includes an old house with plumbing problems, a new job, and caring for her mother who has suffered a stroke.

Gavin Wilkins has increased his Grandpa’s plumbing business to twice its original worth, but the old man’s got a hot lady friend with greedy hands. How can he convince his grandpa of what she’s after without hurting him? Added to his problems is the responsibility of caring for his seven-year-old niece for the summer.

Brandy can’t afford to pay for the plumbing repairs she needs, and Gavin can’t find a sitter for his niece. Ever heard of the barter system?

Short Excerpt:

Indecision marked Gavin’s brow as they stared into each other’s eyes. If he walked off, the friendship would be over… shattered like a cheap piece of glass. They would still see each other at times, but the closeness wouldn’t exist anymore, and that’s what Brandy treasured the most.

He lifted a hand to her face, a sad smile tilting the corner of his lips. “I’m twenty-nine-years-old, and so help me, I’ve never met anyone like you.”

She blinked. “So… Is that good or bad?”

His forehead dropped to hers. A slight chuckle eased the tension. “I’m still trying to decide.”

Taking his reply to mean maybe, she slid an arm around his waist and guided him inside. “Come on, I’ll see if I can’t sway your opinion.”






Author Bio:

Born and raised in northwest Alabama, Jannette Spann is a retired hospital ward clerk. She comes from a large family and is the tenth of eleven children. Married to the man of her dreams for forty-eight years, she is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her love of writing began when she was in the fourth grade reading The Campfire Girls, and she loves to write about family, love and loyalty.

An avid traveler, the beach is her favorite vacation spot. When home, her idea of relaxation is sitting on the front porch swing with her husband, Mike, while drinking a cold glass of sweet tea. In winter she’s willing to trade the swing for a rocker beside the fireplace and her tea for a cup of hot coffee.

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Charlotte can’t move on with her future until she settles the remnants of her past. All she has to offer is The Good Neighbor Award, and Jake’s too much man to settle for that.

Short excerpt:

Jake thought about the kiss he’d shared with Charlotte in her bedroom. “About what happened back at the house…”

“It won’t happen again.”

His brow shot up in surprise. “What makes you so sure?”

She waited for the boys to pass. “I’ve got more than enough problems without getting involved.”

“Who said anything about getting involved?”

Charlotte’s head snapped up. “I’ve never been a one-night stand, and I’m not about to start now!”

The glare alone was enough for him to know he was skating on thin ice, but the razor edge to her voice was a real eye-opener. After all this time, he’d finally met a woman who didn’t play silly games.

“So you want to get married again?”


Jake could see his options dwindling away. All remaining was the good neighbor award, and he’d never been one to settle.

htt p://










New Release for E.A. West


Pressure453x680 (1)

Falling for him was never part of the plan, but neither was getting kidnapped.






Ravi Singh is a homeless veteran haunted by memories of his time in the Marine Corps. Thanks to his attempts to get a group of teenaged gang members to leave the life of crime they’ve chosen, he got shot. Now the wound is infected, and he’s too sick to move. When the teens bring his favorite nurse practitioner to him, he’s torn between anger that they kidnapped her and gratitude that they cared enough to get him help.

As Emma Johnston works to treat Ravi, searches for a way to escape, and attempts to figure out just what his relationship to the gang is, she meets the young orphan boy dubbed Twitch. The child brings out the best in Ravi and helps Emma see a side of the gang members she never expected. The more she learns about Ravi’s unconventional life, the better she understands him and the more she wishes he would quit stubbornly refusing to seek psychiatric treatment. Falling for him was never part of the plan, but neither was getting kidnapped.

Can their budding relationship survive such challenging circumstances, or will it end in devastation?

Excerpt :

“Bring her,” her kidnapper ordered, and the hand on her arm urged her to move.

They crossed a large echoing expanse and went up a short flight of metal stairs. After passing through a creaking door, they took her forward several yards before turning and going through another door with squeaky hinges. The air inside this room held the overpowering stench of body odor. Apparently, the old man rarely bathed, if he was even in there. Someone desperately needed a shower, anyway.

Someone untied the bandanna covering Emma’s eyes and removed it. The sudden brightness temporarily blinded her. She blinked a few times to help her eyes adjust to the fluorescent lights as her kidnapper spoke beside her.

“The old man’s over there. Let me know what you need to treat him.”

She followed the wave of his hand and spotted the man lying on a cot against a plain white wall. The “old man” appeared to be about thirty and in desperate need of a shave and a haircut as well as a shower. Emma’s compassion came out at the pathetic sight, and she moved to his side as he moaned. He shifted under the blanket, and it slipped down to reveal a bare mahogany shoulder with a vaguely familiar tattoo of an eagle, anchor, and globe. Sweat soaked his shaggy black hair, and she prayed whatever he had wasn’t contagious. With the serious lack of hygiene, it wouldn’t surprise her if he had several bacterial and fungal infections and maybe a parasite or two.

She knelt by the cot and spoke soothingly as she brushed the hair off of his forehead. His skin was hot to the touch. “It’s okay. I’m here to help you.”

He groaned and shifted again. “My wound… it’s bad.”

She gasped as he opened his dark eyes and looked at her. She knew this man. He was one of the homeless veterans who came in from time to time, and he was one of her assigned patients. “Ravi Singh?”

His glazed expression clouded with confusion. “Nurse Johnston? They took me to the VA?”

“No, they brought me to you.” She lifted the blanket to find his wrist and checked his pulse. Fast but strong. “They said you’re sick. Aside from fever, what are your symptoms?”

“Pain. Lots of pain.” He pulled down the blanket to reveal a lean upper body with a bandaged abdomen. “I think it’s infected.”

“What is infected?” What had happened to this poor man?

“The gunshot wound.”

Had her kidnappers shot him? She tossed a glance over her shoulder and found a handful of male teenagers watching her every move. Were they all armed? Would they shoot her too?

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E.A. West, award-winning author of sweet and inspirational romance, is a lifelong lover of books and storytelling. In high school, she picked up her pen in a creative writing class and hasn’t laid it down yet. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, knitting, and crocheting. She lives in Indiana with her family and a small zoo of pets.












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